Creative Adventure



  • Clear your mind with the scenic views of nature and capture the essence of serenity in our thrilling escape into the wilderness, a perfect executive getaway that will add the right balance to work and life.



  • We equip your team with state of the art boats, Land Rovers, hot air balloons, helicopters and planes.
  • All fully kitted out with amazing cameras, recording devices and all the supporting paraphernalia.


We will unlock your senses and help you and your team build new bonds of shared affinity and excitement as you hunt and capture some of the region’s most spectacular footage available without ever lifting a gun or harming any fauna or flora.

The team will learn to read the land, anticipate the game, plan their shots and dramatically increase their understanding of not only each other, but also zoom in on the pulse and order of nature.

Senses of Safari is filled with reflection points, such as the team patiently sitting and waiting for the perfect moment to capture a fish eagle selecting his prey, unperturbed by the distractions of surrounding animals. What better example of learning to hold one's position than to capture this story? They will experience the thrill of photographing a herd of elephants crossing a river, watching the matriarch in action and the trunk to tail teamwork in play. They're watching strategy in action as a baboon harvests a nest of crocodile eggs and has a feast - only to see justice occur as mama croc comes out of the water, the wheel of nature turns against the baboon.

The team will have the benefit of world-class photographic input and direction from award-winning photographic coaches and the pleasure of staying in some of the most rugged and most royal venues on the continent.

The process is best run between March and November. We use the Chobe area as a backdrop for this project. There are also options in the North of the Kruger Park, Mozambique and Namibia.

It is a great way to challenge your people. It reacquaints busy executives with their work-life balance and is a superb platform for the senior team to involve their spouses and reconnect. Also available in a parent / child combination.


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