Creative Adventure



  • This is a thrilling taxi ride like no other.
  • Create a great impression with customers, strengthen the bond between team members or simply sit back and enjoy the ride together.



  • Imagine a range of six New York-style taxi cabs arriving outside your client's office, complete with Joe from the Bronx as the driver.
  • It's time to have some fun with a new kind of team experience.
  • Six of your customers each get allocated to one of six people from your organisation.
  • We’ll call you the Taxi Twins for the moment.


Each set of twins get allocated to a Taxi. You’ve got 3 hours to make 6 stops. At each stop you have a sensory task to complete, and a fellow passenger to pick up.

The fellow passenger might be a specialist, a member of your EXCO, a comedian, a supplier, a guest speaker, a fortune teller or a celebrity.

You have 15 minutes to complete each task, interact with your guest passenger and find your way to the next stop. You will be filmed and photographed from start-to-finish, and will have some amazing stories to tell after the day is done.

This process is extremely powerful. The model is flexible and you can change guest passengers as well as adapt it to suit different needs. You also have the option of doing this exercise as part of a merger with a joint venture partner, to set up a project team or build better relationships amongst a range of other interfaces from suppliers to cross-cultural relationships.

It is well organised, safe and customisable. It can take place anywhere in the country and has the option of upgrading the vehicle to a larger one or extending the team size.

You can also design the service so that each member of your team is able to interact with each member of your client's team. The process lends itself to passing the time on a boring journey from A to B.


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