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  • The sum is greater than its parts.
  • Nowhere is this truer than in this exciting Flash Mob activity that will get your team striking a pose as one.



  • Imagine your brand coming to life.
  • Not coming to life on a screen or in a printed advert, but really coming to life - having life, energy and passion breathed into it by your own people.
  • Imagine what that would be like. Imagine what that would do - not only for your people but for your brand.


Welcome to the craze that is sweeping across the world, the latest in vibrant, in your face, surprise advertising and brand awareness – Welcome to Flash Mob!

A flash mob is a group of people that, to the naked eye, appear to be normal tourists, consumers and everyday passers-by. But with our guidance, coaching and a little inspiration, these seemingly everyday people are actually powerful brand agents, with a specific mission and strategic goal to get your brand out there and not just to get everyone to talk about it, but to get everyone to be a part of it!

We can coach and prepare your Flash Mob in a day or over a series of weeks. We can take your employees and transform them, or work specifically with professional actors and dancers, or we can combine both into the ultimate brand soldiers, ready to go out and take the competition by storm. In our experience, this project will be immensely popular with your team and every single one of them will have an important role to fulfil. There are no ‘passengers’, and the project is only effective if everyone comes together and plays their part in the grand design. This is a sophisticated, high-quality, high profile project that leverages off the international craze and will elevate your team and brand to astronomical new heights and ensure that everyone will experience your organisation in ways you never thought possible.

There are also several options on offer to record and promote your Flash Mob. We can have agents in the crowd with portable cameras, grabbing the action as if they were tourists along for the ride, or we can elevate the professionalism and strategically mount high-level cameras all over the target area and capture this excitement on broadcast quality equipment. We can spread the word for you over multiple social media platforms and work with your people to get the word out there and make the mob a truly viral experience. Anything is possible and all is doable. At the end, our team will provide you with a professionally edited piece of marketing material that will tell the story of the Flash Mob from inception to execution.


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